About John H. Gibson, D.O.M.

During his 15 years working in medical management, John Gibson became aware of the limitations of Western medicine and began to research alternative methods of healing.

In January of 2000, he began studying nutrition and natural health through Clayton College in Birmingham, Alabama, where he first became interested herbology.  While studying herbology, Dr. Gibson was introduced to the principles of acupuncture.  He found that the combination of herbs and acupuncture provided an outstanding treatment protocol for a wide variety of health issues, without the side effects that often accompany Western medical treatment.

Dr. Gibson is a graduate of the International Institute of Acupuncture located in Albuquerue, New Mexico and is board certified in Oriental Medicine.

He specializes in the treatment of women’s issues including headaches, joint pain, anxiety and stress associated with pregnancy; the side effects of cancer treatment (chemotherapy/radiation); and anxiety, stress, depression and substance abuse issues sometimes experienced by military personnel and, more specifically, veterans returning from war.

He has been in practice since 2005.  His office is located at 339 N. Alameda, Las Cruces, NM

For a complete list of conditions treated, please go the the Conditions Treated page of this website.

For more information about alternative healthcare for seniors, please visit www.lascrucesseniorhealthcarealternatives.com